Beginning of Hunting Season at the Sea

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Hunting Season – Season at Sea

hunting and fishing near the ocean

The title of the article is less attractive in my opinion but for you who already like hunting especially hunting fish or fishing, fishing at sea may be curious as to the best time in the sea and fishing techniques. As a reflection, it will be better to share before continuing topic of choosing the best time fishing at sea in the beginning of hunting season.

That fishing is one hobby that is quite expensive with a lot of risk in it, a lot of the events which even up claimed the lives of anglers, so it is good before going fishing we have prepared everything well, such as the selection of the ship, pay attention to weather factors, preparing safety devices and other the other, which will make us quiet and can enjoy fishing with all the atmosphere.

The best time fishing can be according to the lunar calendar. No matter time of the season we especially like fishing at night. You must have a quality tactical flashlight if you want to be able to fish and tie knots in fishing line at nighttime. The movement of months needs to be considered when determining the best time fishing. Movement of the month in this case is as soon as it rises and sunset in the beginning of hunting season. The position of the bright moon or full moon or dark moon, greatly affects the activity and aggressiveness of the fish, usually in the light of a future period of spawning and nesting activities so that hunting will also be reduced,

In addition, moon also affects the tides and currents of the sea, at the beginning of the month tend to expect high tide on the first and second week, it would be very appropriate for fishing types of fish furthermore like yellowfin tuna, marlin, mackerel, etc., for fishermen the best time for fishing is when there is high tide at the beginning of the month as the beginning of hunting season, while in the 2 weeks before the end of the month is the time tide, most suitable for hunting fish reef fish such as GT dogtooth grouper and so on, but even so, when the light moon does not least anglers obtain good results, for anglers who fish hunt specific targets will be very attentive to phases of the moon to determine the best time fishing.

Sometimes it also is based on time the sun rises and sets, as it is clearly marked with a change of night and day, but in reality the time the rising and setting moon also affects the fish activity in the beginning of hunting season. When the full moon night fishing, using lighting of lamp to collect small fish will be less effective because the moonlight spread out so the small fish and squid also spread. In the full moon, we can maximize the sun rise or set and at the time of moonrise or sink to determine the best time.

Time moon rises and sets more often not visible because the cloud cover may be months or for several reasons. We can see from some of the calendar months of the few providers of applications both paid and free versions on multiple websites in the beginning of hunting season. Regarding the best time fishing by rising and sinking is in the 45 minutes before and after the moon rise or set, and 45 minutes before sunrise or sinking

The change of seasons also affects the determination of the best time fishing, because the fish will be very aggressive early in the season is changing, as some countries that have four seasons, including summer, winter, spring and autumn, the season was followed by season some fish that can be seen from the fishermen, it is because of the tendency of fish migrating from the specific area, and the best time in the beginning of hunting season is during the autumn, and in winter the fish will seek warmer region so that fishing in the winter is not so effective, according to some anglers who observed about the change of seasons as Mike Anderson wrote on his website.

Being in our country only happens two seasons. They are dry season and the rainy season. The best time of fishing is early or late change of seasons. In our country itself there is also a time of season fish, such as season yellowfin tuna, season of skipjack, mackerel, and when the course you should not miss in the beginning of hunting season.

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