Hunting Locations For Professional Hunters

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Hunting Locations

Some people are hunters that have very long hunt in hunting location. Like the professional hunters, they are equipped with long guns that have a large enough power or gas guns. To have this kind of weapon should be knowledge of the police, so they must have a permit to possess weapons that can be made based on their story. Possession of a weapon inside the card it contained two appeals:

  1. The ban on hunting of protected animals

  2. Prohibition to modify weapons.

But, what if the call was heeded by the hunter? Let squawk what the hunters do with the weapons. Modifying Weapons Based on the recognition of the hunters, modify the weapon is not a taboo for the hunters in the hunting location. They are already used to do in order to make them more powerful weapons so as to obtain optimal hunting results. Hunting wild animals is already very common. The hunters did hunt in small groups, sometimes in groups of 2, 3, 4 and even more than 5 people. The purpose of this group is hunting in regard to hunting strategy that surrounded the animal. Time hunting is done at night.

Nighttime is the right time because at that time many animals roam. However, sometimes hunting particular species is also done during the day. The hunters usually know the right spots to hunt in hunting location. Even they know where the animals are usually specific and abundant life. They used to hunt in the hills, valleys, forests and rice fields. Their favorite hunting spot is the southern coastal areas of mountain, close to the south coast. According to professional hunter, the hunting area is still very quiet, beautiful, and very much wildlife as object of hunting there.

This is a list of animals that most often hunted by hunters and their friends. They are deer, porcupine, squirrel, Mongoose, tiger, and various species of birds. Besides, they several times hunt snakes, bats, pangolin and iguana. Meet with the increasing sense of Endangered Animals in hunting location, the life of endangered species is a story about a meeting between groups of hunters with rare animals when they are hunting. The hunters often met with tiger. At least hunters ever see a tiger brindle colored like the tiger and black tiger also seems panthers. The size of this tiger is very large and very loud sound. Once upon a time hunter saw colored tiger stripes within less than 100 meters. The tiger size is commensurate the calf. When it was because of fear that very hunter fired into the air to scare the tiger until the tiger was growling loudly and then went off with hardness. Since then, when they encounter a tiger in hunting location they only fired into the air to frighten them to go away. They did not dare to hunt tigers for several reasons, including because of the myth that developed in the community about the tiger, since the animal tiger and third ledge and protected because they are not sufficiently potent weapon to kill the tiger.

Besides tigers, other endangered species frequently encountered hunters are deer. Once upon a time the hunters find deer that are large in the central valley karst hills. The hunter did not dare to shoot the animal because he felt the weapon would not be strong enough to kill the great beast in hunting location. So he just let it go. Things surprising and strange too often experienced by a group of hunters.

The strange story of which was when a member of hunters to shoot a long-tailed monkeys. Unexpectedly, it was a shot monkey mother who was holding her child. When approached, seen the mother monkeys died and his son was alive. The strange thing happened because after a removable bullet through the head of the monkey mother apart, arms straight hunters damaged. Not quite there, when the mother dead monkey skinned hunters see form like a newborn baby. So he did not participate ate the meat in hunting location. The next oddity occurred in the monkey child reared by his friend. Monkey child was reportedly not stop tears for one week. This makes the owner be phobia and return it to the place of origin. According to him, every weapon used to shoot monkeys certainly end up with damage. It is linked by a hunter with myths that developed in a society that respects the life of a monkey because it was considered to be close relatives of man. Therefore they did not dare to hunt monkeys.

This is the story of the hunter’s recognition wildlife in hunting location. If it is true what the hunters about the animals that he encountered, then the ecosystem in the area is indeed still save a lot of scientific potential that has not been excavated. Up to now there is no data or research results are clear about the lives of endangered species such as tigers in the region. It is interesting to be studied further.

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