How To Know Exactly When Hunting Season Starts

January 12, 2017 | By Addison Mitchelle | Filed in: Hunting Season.

Start Of Hunting Season

There are some factors that determine question when does hunting season start, especially hunting fish or fishing. Therefore, I will discuss it now. The first is about temperature.

Fish are cold-blooded animals so that the water temperature will control body temperature of fish and will determine when to foraging, when the sun is very hot fish will swim in finding a cooler place, so also when the water temperature is pretty cold water fish will find a place in shallow areas with warmer temperatures, so the temperature of the warm water will make more aggressive fish, the water temperature of the most good for fishing between 26 to 29 degrees.

The second when does hunting season start is rain. Rain can be a friend or our enemy when fishing, when the rain was, our movement will not be seen by the fish in addition to the water temperature will be warmer, it will affect the fish activity more aggressive, especially when we are fishing in the river or lake, light rain will bring insect eggs that will be a small fish food.

However, when it rains heavy enough, it will be really bad especially for sea fishing, because the sea water salinity levels will be reduced, so the fish will swim deeper. When we are fishing river during heavy rain conditions, when does hunting season start would also make it difficult for fish feeding even the rain will also cause water to become cloudy conditions because the rain will bring mud from the mainland.

The third is wind. Wind direction and wind speed affect our comfort when fishing in the sea where the current position of the wind against the current, would cause the vessel very difficult to anchor, in addition to the flow of the waves also will more quickly so easy to cause seasickness, although the waves were not high, especially when the wind hit ship from the side of the ship when aligned with the flow.

When the wind blows from the west and south, it is the best time fishing at sea when does hunting season start. When we fish, we should throw bait in the lake in the direction of the wind because the wind will takes the eggs of the mosquito eggs or insects that feed small fish.

The fourth is current. Current velocity also has important role when fishing at sea, when a strong current of fish small fish will hide behind the rock, so the big fish will not so aggressive in search of food, moreover, we will also be difficult to lower the bait right spot, because the strings we will continue driven currents, we even had to wear a lead / tin heavy enough so that the bait is not easily swept away.

When the flow of dead fish will be very slow even very little activity that is done, this is due to lack of oxygen arising from the movement of water currents of when does hunting season start. The best time fishing at which time the current position is not too strong or too weak even no flow or so-called oblique currents, to determine the flow prediction we can see in fishing calendar that includes current condition though it is not 100% right

The fifth is storm. If there is a storm-tossed sea high waves fish activity will be reduced even though the fish are not going to give up looking for food, but after a storm passing fish will tend to be more aggressive foraging, besides storm with waves high enough to be harmful to us while fishing, we too will be very uncomfortable in when does hunting season start, if a storm should we seek shelter as soon as possible, because safety should be our priority, if the storm had begun to subside we can maximize the time for fishing because the fish will tend to be more fierce.

So, the conclusion is to determine the best time of fishing, we can notice about the moon phases, season fish, wind direction and speed of currents, and the most important is weather related to wind speed and wave height for the sake of our common salvation, many applications or websites about the prediction month, wind speed, currents, and wave heights may be our benchmark to determine the best time when does hunting season start.

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